Tri&Wanna exit scam?

Trisolaris is the first AMM exchange on Aurora. (Grantee KYC VC)
TRI All-Time High $3.19 -83.0%
WannaSwap is a DEX with the goal of becoming a liquidity hub on Near’s Aurora EVM. (Grantee KYC VC)
WANNA All-Time High $3.28 -95.3%
Aurora site says that Wanna team have passed KYC. Could you share their identity? Fraudsters must be punished, for this it is necessary to transfer their personal data to law enforcement agencies. I could take care of it personally if you are too busy, so I ask you to disclose their data. I ask all victims to support this initiative.
I also ask a grant of 10,000 Near (30% otkat). To compensate for the cost of gas, paper, oiling the necessary officials, food, hotel for me and a team of three anonymous volunteers. We may have to contact a detective agency if the scammers take flight (will request additional funding).
Finally, I want to add that the community should take care of the health of the ecosystem. Such scammers destroy any desire to participate in further development. Fraud must be punished in order to restore faith on Aurora.


About grant - this is too much, you are not 007.
Go to find there Wannaswap - it is proved that it is scam. That’s why price is so low. About TRI - am not sure. But it seems that Aurora has many such a projects from Vietnam. These projects pump Aurora’s TVL, and Aurora pays them by grants.
Ask the owner of this fund - he knows all about “team” -
Or he IS a team - trying to hide himself after revieling that he belongs to team and has created fake venture fund to get grant from Aurora and make Wannaswap look serious project. Wannaswap’s code was written by one person - and he is trying to stay anonymous from the beginning - he knew that people will be looking for him))) If you need any info, photos, telephone numbers - please contact me.


Sent a pm. Not sure if you received it? Yes i’m interested in the data.


All the DEXs tokens:
JOE -80% from ATH
DODO -94% from ATH
UNI -80% from ATH
CAKE -83% from ATH
DYDX -78% from ATH
SRM -84% from ATH
RAY -83% from ATH

unless you have some solid proofs or you’re just a salty top buyer

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It’s about reputation. Aurora is a place for all kind of scammers and looters. In my opinion, it’s happening because some people in NF, who approve grants, pursue personal enrichment. Unfortunately, there are no any controls from community. NF created shilling teams to help these scam projects steeling money from people. Triple scam


as stated

don’t accuse something you don’t understand. You don’t know how the grant procedure works, you don’t know how business works, you talk like you just joined crypto yesterday. Why argue? You and them are not on the same level. Saying a project’s scam without any proof along with saying the NF help scammers, also with no proof. Can you prove it? Can you read the code and explain what’s wrong with it? No, you can’t, you can’t even understand half a line of code, that’s how pathetic you are.

you top buyers should be shilling your bag, not fudding against it, this action already proved how dumb you are. Go and say the same thing with CRV or UNI? both down 90%, and they’re scammers too?


I see you experienced in that. I propose approve 10k grant for @lemontiy to expose scammers like you and your friends from Vietnam.

Fundamental truth. Is anybody from nf following for grantees milestones and expenses? No . Everyone is welcome to get a grant and turn it immediately into cash.

Can anybody from nf read a code before approve a grant ? No. Scammers are welcomed.

Nf with their degen’s teams help scam people.

see, how pathetic you are? can’t answer the main question and have to turn to attack one’s nationality :joy:

you sleep under NF bed lol? you’re really talking like a retarded kid :joy:

how about this, Alex & Tri dev are gonna talk at coingecko, wanna is gonna have an AMA in NEAR discord, see if you have the guts to accuse them there? or you’re just a pussy behind the keyboard?

There is a tonne of misinformation here.

Yes. When a grant is distributed an internal milestone roadmap is created, further funds being released is determined on whether the team can meet the milestones or not.


Yes. There’s a huge amount of technical experience at NF.

Completely false.


For the last point, i highly agree that the degens of near share false information or half truth information. There are cons with projects of wanna swap like from rugdoc it was clear but only positive shilling was dome by so called degens.
I see that degens get paid for shilling and its totally understandable that mkney matters more than the work ethics. And at the end when one looses a simple word DYOR

Can you provide an example, please?

The Degens began by, essentially, seeding the wider NEAR Community. Now, they’ve evolved into something akin to a digital marketing agency that works with projects in the ecosystem to amplify their announcements, development milestones, and presence on social media. So, in that regard, ofc they’ll shill but they’re very particular in only working with trusted projects.

Check rugdoc reports of the projects they promoted.

A project with centralisation issues, although a flaw, is not immediately a scam