[Approved] August Aurora Instagram Ops

Hey Aurora mates, hope you all are doing great. Starting with my introduction, I am Zubair with the NEAR identity as zubairansari.near . I am a Social media manager & marketer with 3+ years of experience in RVCJ Media. I have started my journey in NEAR 1 year back and joined Open Forest Protocol as my first project on a Degen role (Now Twitter ops Lead).

Been contributing in NEAR Ecosystem with several projects as Social media manager & Community mod, I have managed to learn a lot about the ecosystem. My current roles are in projects like OFP, RAIZ, Onboarding DAO, Community DAO, NEAR Ocean, NMD, NFT Club & Instagram Community Account @nearprotocolnews. Also Managed to bring eye of millions of audience to NEAR through Social media marketing campaign on Insta.

Team : @zubairansari07 - NEAR Forum profile

@iamanansari - NEAR Forum Profile

Since we know crypto community is quite active on twitter and we have already lot of projects there publishing content but the potential and reach of Instagram is also huge, I think projects are not giving attention to this as of now and this is the time we make NEAR & AURORA one step ahead of them :wink:

Instagram has major number of young audience, especially web2 audience that we can target to bring them to AURORA and try out the experience of web3. This can help in great number of onboarding.

Example of NEAR Community accounts - @nearprotocolnews @trending.near

Insights example :

The hashtags we would work to grow :


To make it happen, I am proposing to have 2 Instagram community accounts for first month as discussed that would help us bringing engagement and attention to AURORA. The tasks would be,

  • Regular posting of Aurora ecosystem news/updates and educational content about Aurora in the form of graphics in posts with a detailed caption.

  • Regular posting of stories & reels to bring wider engagement.

  • Posting video cuts from already published videos on Aurora socials.

  • Amplifying AURORA events by stories and posts.

  • Engage in comments of crypto related accounts to bring attention of people that are already in web3.

  • Collaboration with potential influencers once we have good number of posts.

  • Accounts would have mixed variety of posts.

  • We would focus on posting quality content while keeping the quantity also in mind, I propose publishing about 40 posts monthly on each account.

Total posts on 2 accounts - 40 x 2 = 80 Posts resulting in the growth of each proposed hashtag and making it visible as the active hashtag. Once we are able to make the hashtag visible other accounts around NEAR and AURORA ecosystem would also use the hashtag.

  • Guilds and Projects can reach out to us directly if they want their project to be promoted.

Budget :

  • Graphic - $10 per post x 80 = $800
  • Account handling (Included caption write up, publishing regular stories and posts) - $200 per account x 2 = $400

Total budget - $1200
Wallet - zubairansari.near

  • We would be planning out more activities through our Instagram once we have some amount of followers and posts on our account. (Account usernames will be dropped in comments soon)

Tagging Councils @ell & @Alex_J for the visibility.

Thanks! :green_heart:


Hello, @zubairansari07 Kindly Mention My account to as I am part of Near IG Guilds Thanks,

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Hey Shubham, I won’t be able to add here as you already have a proposal for your YT channel and Instagram mentioned, you can modify activities in your proposal there . Thanks mate!


so, and who will be rest working on NEAR Protocol News ?
if the whole team is shifting to Aurora, NEAR would stay without news :smiling_face_with_tear: i like the channel, it really helps to stay updated about community and development on Near

do you have any other options of how to create and maintain same channel for Aurora Ecosystem?


Aww, Thanks for the appreciation @johanga :heart:. We are not shifting to Aurora hehe but would have separate account for Aurora Ecosystem to cover Aurora news and updates more widely and NEAR Ecosystem news and updates will be publishing as the same on previous accounts that you follow :relieved:

Also, This team has two different members from the NEAR IG Team. We ain’t leaving NEAR :wink:


Yes , But its For IG TV not for Daily Post , I already have an Experience in NEAR INSIGHTS
You can still add on me on this …

Yeah that’s why I said you can add more activities in your proposal. Thanks!


Proposal is approved


Thanks for the support :heart::v:

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Hello, happy to approve. You will receive a pm message soon.
Thank you


Thanks Ell, Appreciate the support :innocent:


We have started posting on both accounts, follow if you are on Instagram and wish to get update there too :v::arrow_right: Trending Aurora | Aurora News