[REPORT] [AUGUST] Instagram Ops

First of all thanks to Aurora grants team ( @ell @Alex_J ) for giving us the chance to kickstart Aurora’s presence on Instagram as it’s also needed to be active there as Aurora is on twitter.

Link to the original proposal : [Approved] August Aurora Instagram Ops

Report :

  • We have posted total number of 80 posts and 92 stories on two Instagram accounts comprising,

@auroraisnearnews (40 Posts 64 Stories) : Aurora News account mainly posted interesting news, Weekly youtube live story, NEARCON, events around Aurora ecosystem and announcements from Core Community Newstream.

@trending.aurora (40 Posts, 28 Stories) : Trending Aurora account mainly posted insights, analytics, Weekly update story, NEARCON vid and major news & updates around Aurora ecosystem and announcements from Core Community Newstream.

Key achievements: One of Trending Aurora accounts reels got viral organically with 50k+ views :fire:

Aurora News account got followed by NEAR Protocol Official Instagram and got noticed with 2-3 Instagram verified influencers with web3 enthusiasm. Eg.

Number of followers on each account : Aurora News - 73 Followers
Trending Aurora - 77 Followers

Insights :

Impressions on Aurora news : 3.7k
Impressions on Trending Aurora : 49.6k

Hashtags growth : #Auroraisnear - 19 → 125 Posts
#Auroranews - 400 → 500+ Posts
#Auroraupdates - 18 → 100+ Posts
#Auroracoin - 431 → 520 Posts
#Auroranft - 9 → 100+ Posts

We will continue to boost Aurora ecosystem news and insights on Instagram and attract users there with the help of interesting posts & reels. Also, for the Aurora projects we will open a public form to cover them on Instagram accounts and help them promote in September.

Thanks, have a great day!


The reports no details on how many infographics were made as a result.
There is also no information about the various giveaways(if it were) or how the grant money was spent.

Hi @Vladislav_vl25 , It’s stated here and the money was spent according to the proposal ($200 for each account management & $10 per graphic)

There was no giveaway in the original proposal so we didn’t do that. Thanks!

We will post the next report in better draft as proposed by you :innocent:


Thank you.