September being a great month for whole ecosystem with amazing news and updates announcements at NEARCON and later :rocket:

Happy to share Instagram accounts @trending.aurora & @auroraisnearnews report for the September month according to the new format.

Approved proposal : [Approved] Aurora Instagram Ops September-October

Approved amount in $ : $2400 for two months.

Target wallet : zubairansari.near

Guild name : AURORA Instagram Ops

Month : September

Main content :

We have two accounts for Instagram @trending.aurora & @auroraisnearnews . We posted different type of content to cover more topics and diversify the content. Covered NEARCON announcements.

@trending.aurora posted major news/events details/infographics on timeline and stories.

@auroraisnearnews posted mostly news and events on timeline and stories.

You can check the daily content by checking out both the accounts!

Most engaged posts :




  • We posted total number of 40 posts/account on timeline and 125 Stories combined.

Before - Total 80 Content.
Now - Total 160 Content about AURORA published on Insta.

  • Dev3 , Axelar & Tonana filled our Collaboration form to cover their project on Instagram.

Published content :

1 Dev3

2 Dev3

3 Axelar

4 Axelar

We are waiting for review of infographics sent to Tonana and looking forward to see more projects filling our collab form.

Grants :

@trending.aurora - Graphic - $10 Per post x 40 = $400
Management - $200

Sent to @iamanansari (iamanansari.near)

@auroraisnearnews - Graphic - $10 Per post x $40 = $400
Management - $200

Sent to @zubairansari07 (zubairansari.near)

Growth :

Insights for @auroraisnearnews :

August September
Followers 73 130
Reach 3.7k 24k
Impressions 7.6k 36k
Profile Visits 545 607

Insights for @trending.aurora :

August September
Followers 77 119
Reach 49.6k 25k
Impressions 56.2k 39k
Profile Visits 397 400

Total Impressions In August : 63.8k
Total Impressions in September: 75k

  • Reason for numbers drop in @trending.aurora - Last month a reel got viral with 50k views organically which didnโ€™t happen this month, hence according to the algorithm the numbers are shown dropped.

Hashtags visibility growth :

August September
#Auroraisnear ~100 200+
#Auroranews 500 ~600+
#Auroraupdates ~100 ~200+
#Auroracoin 520 625
#Auroranft ~100 ~200+

  • Apart from this, we have started a telegram group to announce news there as well and plan future events & discussion there. The goal will be to bring members from Instagram to Telegram for establishing their long term connection with Aurora.

Here is the group link, would love your presence : Telegram: Contact @AuroraInstagramOps

  • Special thanks to @techdir from Aurora Hunters for reviewing the content before publishing to make sure itโ€™s right.

  • Although the contest/AMAs are not in the original proposal, seeing the need we will try to do one for the experiment without asking for extra funds in the October month.

  • Inviting projects to fill our collab form to cover their project for free on Instagram - Instagram Ops Promotion

Hope I have explained and shown the report as detailed as possible. Please feel free to drop comments if I missed something.

Thanks for the support @ell @Alex_J and whole Aurora community :green_heart:


Thanks for report.
Very detailed and interesting.


Gm. Thanks Vladislav, Glad you liked. :innocent:

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great report, as well as the great work :pray:
thank you for your attitude, openness and creativity :green_heart:


Thanks Johanga :pray: Grateful for the support!

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I presonally follow both pages on insta and they provide best content and keep me updated about aurora :heart:


Thank you very much for the report and great job!


Thank you so much, glad to see people liking the work :pray: