[Approved] Aurora Instagram Ops September-October

Hello Aurora fam, We had a great month with nice presence of Aurora ecosystem on Instagram with the help of our posts, reels and stories.

Accounts : @auroraisnearnews & @trending.aurora

Please find our August month report here → [REPORT] [AUGUST] Instagram Ops

Keeping the idea continued we will be posting news, analytics and updates around Aurora ecosystem.

The idea and approach is same as the original proposal → [Approved] August Aurora Instagram Ops

We will post total number of 80+ posts each month on both accounts combined, comprising news, insights, events, insta stories, reels etc and bring more followers.

  • The new thing this time will be the promotion form, we are opening this form for the projects on Aurora ecosystem which want us to cover them on Instagram.

Please fill this form, we will cover some projects each month - https://forms.gle/a4jeLjSxmbKsKigdA

Budget :

Posts/Video cut - 80 x $10 = $800 x 2 Months = $1600
Accounts management - $400 x 2 Months = $800

Total budget : $2400 for two months.

Wallet id : zubairansari.near

Thanks everyone! :green_heart:


Nice Initiative,
I am Curious about this $400 - Account management, What it means, and why you require that !!
Also, Reels are Very trending and mostly people use reels to post on Instagram,
Adding more to it What is the difference between these two accounts auroraisnearnews and trending.aurora

Gm @Paolo , Thanks for the appreciation.

Every activity requires time, efforts, research and right management $200 per account is for that in a month.

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You are doing a good job spreading information about Aurora on social networks. Who is the source of providing information about new news? How is the accuracy of information processed? Provide information about the number of participants in your social network. How many participants are you going to attract in the near future?
Thx :blush:

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All information are published from official sources of projects in Aurora ecosystem.

Currently we have 150+ followers combined on both accounts. It’s hard to give the exact number in future because I believe in organic growth of users.


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Thanks for the reply. As I understand it, you are just quoting project news on your channel. The official channel and regional channels and project channels carry out the same activities while having more users and interacting with other projects not related to Aurora, thereby attracting more people to Aurora.
Thx :blush:

Official channels don’t post on Instagram.

Regional channels post on their socials in their regional language.

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Still, Asking for 400$ - For Account management for these many followers and likes, I believe you should work first on building your community.
I am also a social media manager, and still, we are charging its activities not for management because everything is included in activities pricing.
Looking forward to seeing @ell response on this


That’s your choice to do so, you can’t force your ideas on any other person. Hope you understand that if you are really a professional one.



Proposal is approved


Happy to support. Thank you for great job.