[Approved] AURORA Instagram Ops [November - December]

Hello Aurora fam, This is Zubair back again with new proposal, with Instagram to create more engagement and presence of AURORA Ecosystem on Instagram.

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Last approved proposal - [Approved] Aurora Instagram Ops September-October

Report - September | October

Goals & Activities

As the primary goal remains same i.e. to generate interest in Instagram audience and promote AURORA ecosystem on Instagram by posting regular news, updates, stats and infographics, we have started our telegram group to bring these enthusiasts at one place so that we can talk more and able to publish content there as well. We have about 550+ members combined on Instagram and telegram which we intend to grow organically.

We have tried having livestream on Instagram and found that people are joining that with their questions/queries. Keeping that in mind for next months we are targeting projects in ecosystem and from outside to collaborate and come for livestream AMAs and talk in depth. I experienced this generated more interest and engagement on our Instagram accounts. As you can see in our previous report it resulted in about 50% growth in followers.

Our goal is to make telegram group more active and increase members there by bringing from Insta. As of now there are 75+ members.


  • 40 Posts+ Reels on Each Instagram account x 2 in a month
  • Regular updates on Insta story and telegram group with support.


  • 80 Posts Creation - 80 x $10 = $800

  • Management Of Accounts (Regular posting, stories, growth strategies) - $200 x 2 Accounts = $400

Note : Last time, maybe by mistake from the Aurora Finance we got extra 116 $AURORA in wallet other than approved amount. I did report to the team for what they said that was the amount approved. I would like to cut that off in this proposal as that’s already present in wallet zubairansari.near (For which the KYC is done)

Total Budget - $1200 X 2 MONTHS = $2400-$48 (116 AURORA @ 0.42) = $2352

Wallet id : zubairansari.near (KYC Approved)

Thanks for the support always @ell @johanga @Alex_J @Vladislav_vl25 and everyone from the community!

Kindly follow our channels on Insta -

AURORA News for news | Trending Aurora for stats, updates and major news.


thank you for the great proposal and your attentive work!

only one offer from me is to put more energy into the promotion of your events (AMAs and contests) - among the ecosystem and out of it. would be great to create a plan that will suit any event of InstagramOps, and expand it every month:)


Thanks for the suggestion Johanga! We will put more energy in this quarter and have everything planned advance.:hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed::green_heart: We are good to promote the AMAs/Contests in a much better way.

Please reduce budget to $1200 a month. Thanks!


Hey @Alex_J @ell , Updated the proposal with budget $1200 a month for this quarter. Thanks for the support! :pray:

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Approved $1200 by end of the year! Thank you for great job!


Thanks for the support chief, will always give my best for growing AURORA! :green_heart:


Hello @Alex_J , you wrote $1200 a month here, I had edited the proposal according to that.

Ell wrote this, which made a confusion here for me. I would have adjusted the activities according to the budget sers. The proposal right now was based on $1200 a month.

Kindly let me know if I can edit the activities according to the approved budget? or what should I do?

Need your help, thanks! @Alex_J @ell :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello! I am so sorry for the confusion. Approved $1200 for Nov and December.

Should I reduce the Number of Posts then according to the budget that is half now? 80 per month edit to 40 per month?

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I’m thinking of how we can work together. Would you be open to us shearing out the pool of content we are about to generate via our proposal [ hopefully when it gets approved ] jma_dao aurora boat party.

There is going to be so much contents from creators and curators, and we would like to share.

and what do you can propose from your side?

Can we deposit all content excesses and overflow into a decentralized storage.
We can then call contents, medias and curations using tags.


#CallAnythig All contents within the entire community are captured and stored on decentralized chain.

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excuse me, i can’t see an equal exchange in your offer for the moment

it’s on NEAR
but we’re here on Aurora :green_heart:
what can you offer to intensify Aurora?



:thinking: obviously, we can propose a jma_dao decentralized storage on Aurora for this purpose.


I am not sure how this great collaboration would go, but we are rest assured that the future is NEAR, and it’s Aurora!

When ever you’re looking for contents, New ones or reusable contents within the community simply #CallAnything


@zubairansari07 hello! Could you please share a report? Thanks!

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