[Approved] Aurora German August / September 2022

Hi Aurora community!

Hi @ell @Botezatu

I’m Stefan from Austria, I am representing NEAR Protocol to the German speaking area. As NEAR MarketingDAO Councils have invited me to the Aurora Guild Program I want to propose to create a German Aurora Guild.


We are a strong German team of community managers, editors and developers and have many contacts with German influencers (Youtube, Twitter, Instagram) and other German communities. Since December 2021 we are representing NEAR Protocol to the German speaking area (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). We are in charge of the German NEAR community and present original coverage and latest news within the NEAR ecosystem in the German speaking area.

For NEAR Protocol we do:


What problem is the proposal solving?

In Germany, Austria and Switzerland there are many creators, developers and investors that are interested in cryptocurrencies. Over 3 million people currently hold crypto assets in the German-speaking area. There is really a high potential for the cryptocurrency market in the German-speaking area. As there is no German Aurora community we want to create a German Guild because we think that there is a high potential for Aurora too.

Currently there is no German Aurora community on Telegram but people in Germany, Austria and Switzerland love to talk in German. They dare to discuss more in their mother language and they have more trust in German people than in other people. Also there is no content about Aurora in German and no Twitter account where the latest news about Aurora are shared.

How is the problem being solved?

We plan to create a German Aurora community. At the beginning we will focus mainly on Telegram, Twitter and Medium. We plan to do the following tasks:

  • Create a German Aurora Telegram group where the users can discuss about Aurora related topics
  • Create a German Aurora Twitter account where the latest news about Aurora are shared in German
  • Create a German Aurora Medium account where German articles about Aurora are shared
  • Grow the community by inviting people from existing German community groups and doing promotions
  • Make events on Telegram and Twitter
  • Create/translate 6-7 German articles and publish them on the Medium account
  • Get in contact with influencers

After the first two months we can add further tasks like AMA sessions with other German communities, create videos/interviews with German Youtubers, do Online/Offline events (e.g. Aurora German Meet-Up) etc. The tasks will be adjusted on your requirements and on the growth of the community. But experience has shown that the tasks listed above are appropriate to start a local community.

Expected impact / metrics in the next two months

  • 500-1,000 members on Telegram
  • 100-250 members on Twitter
  • Support in German language
  • Latest news are shared on Twitter and Telegram
  • 6-7 German articles about Aurora

Funding details:

  • 3 Telegram moderators (daily support): 1800 USDT
  • 1 Twitter manager (share latest news about Aurora): 500 USDT
  • 6-7 German articles about Aurora: 750 USDT
  • Telegram and Twitter promotions to grow community: 300 USDT
  • Management costs: Planning, reporting, team meetings, coordination, prepare articles, brainstorming: 600 USDT

Total costs for August and September: 3950 USDT

NEAR Wallet ID: aurora-german.near


Happy to support! Thanks for great job.


Hi @cryptoheitzi

Will this amount of requested budget be spent for two months?
It is better to request proposals in one or three month intervals

Sounds great looking forward to your report to see the results haha



Hi @Mohamad_76

Yes, the proposal is intended for 2 months as stated in the title.

We tried proposals for 1 month at NEAR before. Since the payment process takes a long time we changed it to 2-3 months.

We start with 2 months and then we will create proposals for 3 months. It’s better to start with a shorter time as we can’t say exactly how the community develops.


Hy bro

Great job keep it up!


Proposal is approved


Hello, happy to approve as well. You will receive a pm message soon.
Thank you


Good job mate :raised_hands:


have a good day @cryptoheitzi :slight_smile:

for preparing to start AuroraHunters i’m collecting social media links of every approved Aurora Community Guild. so we’ll be able to tag you and keep informing about community news, updates and Contests :blush:
[the same list is preparing about all the platforms and projects on Aurora, later we’ll organize all this info so Community Guilds can use it]

could you please share the links when it’s created :pray:
thank you!


Hi @johanga

Here are the links:
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @Aurora_Deutsch
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Aurora_Deutsch
Medium: Aurora Deutsch 🇩🇪🇦🇹🇨🇭 – Medium

Have a nice day!