[REPORT] Aurora Venezuela January 2023

Previous proposal

([Approved] Aurora Venezuela - December/January)

Approved amount in $

$5000 (split in two months/December -January)

Currently report: January 2023


Guild name:

Aurora Venezuela



Main Content


12 Articles (https://auroravenezuela.medium.com/)

3 Weekly Newsletter

Total: 15 posts

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AMA 1: Workshop 12-Jan-2023 Polaris DEX: Una nueva perspectiva de DEX en Aurora (Polaris DEX, a new perspective in AURORA)- Telegram channel 14 participants

Link: Telegram: Contact @venezuelaaurora

Supporting Material

flyer: Telegram: Contact @venezuelaaurora
Contest: Telegram: Contact @venezuelaaurora

AMA 2: 17 Jan-2023: Satoshi Podcast, How to Start a project in the Web3? YouTube: 22 participants & 39 reproductions

Link: Watch here

Supporting Material

flyer: Telegram: Contact @venezuelaaurora

AMA 3 : Workshop 19 Jan-2023 Cómo hacer Staking en Aurora+ (How to Stake in Aurora+), 19 participants - Telegram

Link: Telegram: Contact @venezuelaaurora

Supporting Material

flyer: Telegram: Contact @anunciosauroraES
contest: Telegram: Contact @anunciosauroraES

AMA 4: 24 Jan-2023 Bitget community comes to Aurora, 18 participants -Telegram

Link: Telegram: Contact @venezuelaaurora

Supporting Material

AMA 5: 25 Jan-2023 Aurora community goes to Bitget, 20 participants -Bitget Telegram

Link: Telegram: Contact @venezuelaaurora

Supporting Material

Giveaway, Contest

Please see our detailed and transparent table:
Giveaways & rewards
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Date, Giveaway name, Channel, Nº Participants, Winners, Event Links, Contest Link, Total Reward (USD), Prize (USD), Prize (AURORA), Telegram user, Wallets, transaction hash.

Other Contests and Giveaways

Aurora+ Redeem Codes

(Contest organizer, promotions & flyers design )

Total Giveaway budget executed

Grant distribution

Activities Descriptión Budget
Activities questionnaires, giveaways, contests, quizzes, games, contests organization, arts $200
Staff salaries Project Manager, Medium Manager, Twitter Manager, TG moderators(3) $1200
Creation of 10+ blog posts on Medium Aurora Venezuela AURORA articles, translations, projects, (500 to 1000 words each, 7 writers from community) $600
AMAs AURORA Network, Solidity, AURORA projects $500

Staff distribution

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Activity Member
Project Manager: Ulises Marin @ramgor
Telegram group moderators: Julián Mostacero @bacohorse Alejandro Moreno @alejandrom Francisco John @Francisco Gilberth Betancourt @gilberthbetancourt
Twitter Team: Frank Cárdenas @devilhorse, Nabiaska García @Pochis22.
Medium Content Curator: América Castro @ame9986
AMAs / Workshops organizer: Fritz Wagner @fritzworm
Medium Writers: Francisco John @Francisco, Milly Rodriguez @MillyR06, Nicole Adames @Nicole, Yaneisia Hernandez @YaneisiaLHF, Alejandro Moreno @alejandrom, Juan Peña @jeph, America Castro @ame9986

Daily Content / Growth

(rounded numbers, no decimals)

Twitter (@venezuelaaurora)


  • Dic 799, Ene 924 +125 (monthly goal +125)
  • Progress in followers 16%
  • Progress according to our goal 100%


  • Posted tweets Dic: 108_ Ene: 90 Progress -15%
  • Impressions:__ Dic 18.5k Dic: 23.8k Progress 27%
  • Mentions: _____Dic 438. _Ene: 200 Progress -55%
  • Profile visits : _ Dic 14.2k. Ene: 8.4k Progress -41%
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Telegram News Channel - Aurora Anuncios en Español:

Link: Telegram: Contact @anunciosauroraES

  • Followers Dic: 37. Ene: 55, +18 Progress 49%
  • News posted: 135

Telegram Group (Telegram: Contact @venezuelaaurora)


  • Dic: 522, Ene: 622, +100 (monthly goal +100)
  • Progress in followers 19%
  • Progress according to our goal 100%


  • Messages :________Dic: 9107, Ene 11430, progress 25%
  • Online participants:__Dic 62, Ene: 53, progress 0%
  • Monthly Active Users Dic 247, Ene: 250, progress 1%
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Medium (https://auroravenezuela.medium.com/)


  • Dic: 87 Jan:109 +22 (monthly goal +10)

  • Progress in followers + 25%

  • Progress according to our goal 201%


  • Our goal for January: 10 articles. We achieved 12 articles and 3 Weekly Newsletters.
    Total: 15 posts.
  • Progress according to our goal 115%


  • Readings Dic: 275 Jan: 264 Progress -4% (monthly goal +250)
  • Views__: Dic: 571 Jan: 811 Progress 42% (monthly goal +600)
Supporting TimeShots


We aim to spread the news and grow followers as we maintain what we have already built.

To our community and the Aurora Grants program:
This progress was possible because of your appreciated support!
We will keep building a strong, participative, and enthusiastic community for you!


We continue creating content for the whole community!! :revolving_hearts:

We keep growing!

Thank you so much Aurora Venezuela :venezuela:

Socials January
No. of followers planned achieved (Jan)
TG 587 622
Twitter 730 1018
Medium followers 80 110
Articles 10 15
Events 4+ 13
AMAs 4 5

Thanks for your great contribution to the grow of Aurora ecosystem, let’s keep on working, increasing engagement and the number of Aurora+ accounts…