[Introduction] free Horses NFT Launchpad and VC


Free Horses is a project incubator and Launchpad for DeFi and Gaming Projects with aspirations to become the most prosperous and profitable incubator in the NEAR Ecosystem, which includes Aurora.

Website: freehorses.io 8


Free Horses is here to create a universe of NFTs where any species can coexist, although they were mainly horses due to their strength, speed, and freedom, in addition to creating one of the largest communities within NEAR Protocol where anyone can start their first steps in the vast NFT world.

Our vision

Leading NFT incubator for community growth in NEAR.

Our mission

Promote projects with utility, building community and awareness for projects on NEAR. We love NFT collections with Utility provided for the purpose of the projects.

Project requirements

To opt for our advice or support, the project must be in testnet or mainnet phase.

The projects that will be in Partnership with the incubator must offer our community not only art but utility, grant their owners privileges, rights, or rewards, achieving what we want several communities to feel confident, and recognizing a safe investment.

What do we offer?

Free Horses members include graphic designers, degens, moderators, developers, and community hackers.

Community interaction in the following Discord server: Free Horses 1

Our plan with Aurora network:

We wish to be part of the Aurora Community with the role of Community builders for projects who want to launch an NFT Collection through the Free Horses incubator.

We want to add value in any creative way possible and help projects to grow by connecting them with their users, investors, and fans through NFTs.

We propose Free Horses to be a community owned NFT Incubator for NEAR & Aurora.


hi there!
i’m watching at Free Horses at least for a half year already and honestly - can not understand how you support other NFT-projects
i see commercial NFT-collection . even i wanted to become an owner of Free Horses NFT, but - it costs too much expensive for me !! so i still can’t experience the utility of it.

could you please clarify the way - how your project is helpful for others? in very simple words, please,
better - on the example of incubation of any project from your portfolio. i hope i can get the profit Free horses are bringing to anyone. still it’s out of my understanding

also - if you have a plan to become a multi-chain / cross-chain platform?
what NFT-projects really need with - is multi/cross-chain NFT bridge , according to the research

and the last for the moment - have you made examination of NFT-projects on Aurora? from which do you like to start with? :slight_smile:

thanks! have a wonderful day :slight_smile:


Thank you for all your questions, I remain attentive to any other you wish to ask.


thank you for such a comprehensive answer!


is it possible to buy it now? :blush:

@techdir : Apparently this is the platform for IDO in DEFI, with NFT collection to increase the rarity. Worth paying attention to the project in half a year to a year with analyzing results. at the moment it’s not clear/transparent project

@Expert : Connection via NEAR wallet, position themselves as Incubator and Launchpad for DeFi and gaming projects, while still creating a collection of NFT-horses. The affiliation with Aurora is not clear as well as utility of horses.
Would be great to understand how the project is concerned to Aurora

@DevilHorse some updates for you from our Expert :slight_smile:

They will be available very soon, for now you can buy a Free Horse that will work as a WL for the Friendly Horses project.


It’s true, @techdir , pay attention to our project, the best is yet to come.


Hello hello, you changed your answer after I answered you for that I couldn’t answer quickly I’m sorry, next time comment again to assist you as I always do.

Although this is just a presentation and for the time being we just want Aurora to know that we are available, as I have already answered, we want to invite some of our clients/partners to AURORA so that they can enjoy all the benefits that this ecosystem can offer, especially because some come from Ethereum and in our conversations they have found it interesting to join this community.

Thank you for the welcome, I hope I have resolved your questions, again sorry for not answering before, I had not seen that you had changed your comment. :blush:


hi !! yeah , one more expert has joined our team so his comment was added. also want you to know that at the moment an experiment and testing is going on here.
we have our purposes and trying different instruments to reach it.
happy to share such an experience with you ,
have a great day
me personally i’m waiting for new opportunities from Free Horses :wink:


Surely you will have a lot of that!!!

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