[PROPOSAL] Aurora Eastern Europe Guild (Managing + Activities + Content + Translations) April + May 2023

Guild: Aurora Eastern Europe;

Region: CIS region and Eastern Europe;

Numbers of team: 4 members in our team;

Funding scheme: 2 months.

What problem is the proposal solving?

The goal of Aurora Eastern Europe Community is to educate the Russian speaking community about the Aurora Ecosystem, provide support to all ecosystem projects with Russian localization, and to increase awareness of the ecosystem.

How is the problem being solved?

  • Translating and bringing to the community the main news of the Aurora ecosystem.
  • We work closely with many Influencers in the CIS region, providing information about activities and major news in our ecosystem
  • Also in our Telegram we try to provide more details about certain projects or activities in our network, which support projects from our marketing (our own events, quizzes, AMA sessions, informing users about online opportunities (earning, education, project building, communication).
  • Daily support. We are active users of DeFi and Web3, learning about the projects to provide users with support in their native language, explaining initial points for newbies and can discuss and bring more complicated points from the project’s documentation.

Our resources and links:

Our staff at the moment

Vladislav — Management and growth (Community Manager) — Content Editor, Social Media Lead + translations, AMAs with projects of ecosystem

Alyona — Moderator of our Telegram (plus content and translations, networking), AMAs with projects of ecosystem.

Yurii — Moderator of our Telegram (ukrainian localization in Discord)

Andrey — Localization, translation verification, AMAs with projects of ecosystem

We are going to attract and engage new members to Aurora, to show them the capabilities of the network and the projects that have been built or are being built in this ecosystem.

As well as help in the official Discord Aurora channels in Russian and Ukrainian: posts for all updates and news, user support in channels.


  • Growth of our telegram channels for Aurora EE Guild: ~200 new followers or maintaining current performance without a strong outflow in a bear market or recession and stagnation market;
  • Growth of our new Twitter for Aurora EE Guild: ~300 new followers or maintaining current performance without a strong outflow in a bear market or recession and stagnation market,
  • 2-3 AMAs with projects/exchanges/community calls,
  • Events (quizzes, giveaways)
  • Translation of articles from Aurora’s Blog aurora.dev into Russian
  • Translations of weekly alpha-leaks after Alex’s weekly Friday performance for aurora.dev official site
  • Translations on the coolest ecosystem events and ecosystem projects
  • Monthly reports

Previous Reports




  • Telegram: 1000 USDC *2
    Daily support + news within the Aurora ecosystem with translation
  • Twitter: 500 USDC *2
    Share latest news within the Aurora ecosystem with translation
  • Translations + Discord support: 1000 USDC *2
    Translation of news and alpha leaks + articles from the Aurora blog
  • Management costs: 1200 USDC *2
    Сoordination, planning, reporting, articles.
  • Community development activities: 500 USDC *2
    Сontests, quizzes, giveaways, prizes for AMAs.
  • AMA on Kucoin: 350 USDC
  • Experimental program for engaging new participants and increasing social media activity: 300 USDC *2
    Will allow us to engage the guys who make cool memes and help attendees learn more about our ecosystem. With their help, we’ll try to raise our community’s activity and give it some kind of boost from the younger generation.

For this, we are requesting the following funding: $9,350 USD

Payout: uniteddao.near
Owner: Yurii


Good morning! What is your plan to increase UAW and transactions in Aurora ? Thanks!


  • We try to distribute rewards in the Aurora network.
  • Learning DeFi.
    Information about projects and farming opportunities in Aurora (guides, hints).
  • Crew3 with tasks aimed at activity on the Aurora network (various activities in the protocols).
    There will be a staggered approach with transaction verification on the mainnet (Test and Basic).
  • After the release, we plan to connect a new Aurora tip bot (for tips in out chat and another rewards).
  • Also, we have already discussed a possible collaboration with an NFT-artist.
  • Support for onchain activities on the Aurora network (new games like World(e), MotoDEX).

Do you have any specific plan on UAW and numbers of transactions?

How many artists from you community will be onboarded and mint their collections on Aurora NFT marketplaces?



We have a plan of actions, and in general terms it is described before.
For artists, the question is more complicated.

We can help those who want to move to Aurora from our community, but that’s not our main goal and never has been.
And it’s more about engaging NFT and certain collaborations with artists as part of onchain events.
To teach users how to mint on the Aurora network or start own collection, to distribute certain NFTs for completing quests (something like OAT).

Open collaboration of projects with communities can lead to win-win assistance, and the primary goal of our community is to educate and help people to adapt easily, because the function of attracting people to a particular kind of project is the project itself, we act as a voice and support in different times: difficult and good.

Many of our users are farming on the Aurora network and use it often.
Unfortunately, I do not have access to regional statistics so that I could give specific figures and the number of transactions.

I assume that the DappRadar you mentioned does not show everything on the network either (it does not show all the projects that we covered and in which users did something).

We also focus heavily on retention of loyal network users, and they are interested in money-making strategies (new protocols for farming/new farming/some events).
Why does it matter?
A loyal user brings on average 2.5-3 times more value to the protocol than a newbie.
And in general, high retention rate equals successful business.

Best regards,