[Rejected] Aurora Comminity building and Onboarding

Hi there I’m Sean aka Near Guru, my Twitter is @NearGuru_ I’m a great part of the Near ecosystem pushing community building and getting the word out, I also Love the Aurora defi side and what that has to offer. I originally came over from Solana where I started my NFT/Defi journey in early April 2021

So my following is 48.8k I have between 420K - 800k engagements each month, around 68k profile visits and 2-3k mentions (according to Twitter analytics)

My goal in Aurora and the problem to solve is onboarding more users cross-chain to Aurora, build a bigger community and expand on the knowledge and educate Near, Solana, Eth etc on the benefits of Aurora. This would be in the form of my Twitter account, creating threads, articles, tutorial/how to/explanation videos, building a small community in discord for Aurora. I think a lot of people are just opening their eyes to Near from other chains, I am definitely noticing that on my Twitter and I think more education on Aurora to onboard would be a massive benefit. I already work a long side some big projects in Near.

I would track my metric through the Twitter analytics but also by each individual tweet also. I would like $2k a month

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Good day! What is the difference ?

Thank You.

I was under the impression from your last message you was looking for more information so you mentioned:

Ok, thank you for your proposal. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find significant information (budget, KPI) to decide.

And someone else mentioned (not sure if part of the team)

Hy @Nearguru
Thank you for the proposal , remember that there are opportunities for other offers as well, don’t be disappointed, we will wait for your other offers


So I have created this as gave the info that was missing and the other one was closed, if this is not the case and what I offer is not something you want then please delete both proposals.


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Ok, thank you. Could you please include information about Metrics/KPIs to track results? Thanks
Did you have any projects with Near Protocol before?
I also have concerns about the content on your Twitter: I see much personal information.

When you say metrics/KPI’s do you want to see the proof? As I mentioned i Have the Twitter analytics to track the data and then each individual tweet has the metrics also.

So no I don’t have my own projects in Near but i work with a few to help out with marketing etc

So my Twitter is I suppose what you would call a “influencer” account even though I don’t like that term as I like to educate more. Seen this was in your how to submit proposal, report and what proposals you accpet and seen influencer, content writer was there.

So not sure exactly what concerns you have as it well typically is classed as an influencer account with a mixture of educational content, personal content, my followers/near ecosystem getting to know me etc I’m not just a robot that tweets info after info for example.

I’m someone who is here long term for the benefit of the Near ecosystem, you just need to have a good look at my twitter to see that. Like i mentioned above though if this is not something you’re looking for that is fine you’re probably looking for Twitter account more like @near_insider or @insights_near that are great btw but purely information based

KPI 1: How many members you’re ready to onboard on Aurora?

KPI 2: how many tweets, articles, tutorials, videos?


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Hey you know what I realised I have not come across fully prepared, doing this and seeing the questions you have asked and bought me great ideas for me to work on and I know when i come back, I will be fully prepared and exactly what this Aurora community and funding proposals need.

I’m here to grow both the Near and Aurora ecosystems so I need to do it justice with how I come at it and what I have to offer in return.

Thanks for the time and also maybe not intentional but insights and revelations I have received from your questions


Check out this Aurora Community grants program: how to submit proposal, report to learn more about how to share the proposal.
It would be a great help for the team as they work on Metrics, KPIs, what topics are you planning to cover via your Twitter handle or any other medium.