[Report] Aurora Eastern Europa Guild October 2022

Previous Report - September 2022
Previous Proposal - October 2022

Approved amount in $: $8,100 (Not received as of today)
Guild name: Aurora Eastern Europe Guild
Wallet: rucommunity.near

:white_medium_small_square: Main Content:

3 articles in Blog

  1. 3 days with Aurora at NEARCON 2022
  2. What is Aurora?
  3. How to choose the deployment network for a blockchain startup?

Aurora’s Blog Alpha Leaks

  1. Еженедельные обновления Aurora 28.10.2022
  2. Еженедельные обновления Aurora 21.10.2022
  3. Еженедельные обновления Aurora 14.10.2022
  4. Еженедельные обновления Aurora 07.10.2022
  5. Еженедельные обновления Aurora 30.09.2022

:white_medium_small_square: Daily Content

  1. Telegram News Channel - 67
    first in October
    Progress: -2,9% (-2 posts)

  2. Twitter - 47
    Progress: -20,34% (-12 posts)

:white_medium_small_square: Events

  1. 09.10 - 14.10 Quiz for community Oct.9-14
  2. 25.10 - 31.10 Aurora Eastern Europe and Moni Talks
  3. 28.10 Quiz with Incrypted for stream with Alex. NEWS | Stream

Additional work with EE influencers and mentions of Aurora

  • Date | News | Views

:white_medium_small_square: Grants

Since the resource is not yet received, paid from another budget:

  • 100 AURORA - Quiz for community. NEWS | Results
  • 10 AURORA - Search quest (we add codes, in articles and updates, and people can be rewarded for them on quizchain). NEWS, results on quizchain

:white_medium_small_square: Growth

  1. Telegram News Channel - 1326
    Progress: +17,24% (+195 users)

  2. Telegram Chat - 1743
    Progress: +16,27% (+244 users)

  3. Twitter - 1047
    Progress: 38,3% (+290 users)

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is it really ‘minus’ here?

if so, firstly, thanks for your honesty

and it would be so cool to meet here ANY analytics, at least a little bit of thinking - what did work for your community, and what - didn’t; why is it so;
or how many numbers of people visited events and why - it helps to understand what to improve for the next time
honestly, I feel here deep disappointment and don’t understand if you need with any improvement propositions,

have a good day

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We expect will get amazing results with $8,100 funding for one month.

If the funds are disbursed with results like this, I don’t think it’s appropriate. You have to continue this until next month (November).

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Hello and have a good day too.

Sure. Some months have more news and events, and some months less — it’s a natural process.

We always show the results as they are, without hiding them.

Of course, we’re glad to share it.

Our global quiz has attracted many participants, and we want to thank the rest of the community in our ecosystem as well.

412 users participated in the quiz.

211 of them answered all questions correctly.

Around 300 new followers joined us on Twitter as a result of this event.

List of winners and distribution of prizes

A contest with Moni Talks attracted about 200 new members to our Telegram.

List of winners and distribution of prizes

Quiz with Incrypted for stream with Alex attracted about 60 new members to our Telegram.

128 users participated in the quiz.

85 of them answered all questions correctly.

List of winners and distribution of prizes

Also, to increase the popularity of the Aurora network, we try to distribute Aurora tokens on the native network, which is what was done for the last two events.

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If you had read the report attentively, it is likely that you would have noticed that the funds were not received at the time of the report.

However, we have had work and activity, translators’ work for Aurora’s blog, for which we are now paying from this proposal.

And of course this will be reflected in the next reports.

Funds are allocated in Aurora tokens, we never fix them in stablecoins and pay as is. At the time that they were received, it coincided with bad times in the market.

We’ve had time to distribute rewards for the quiz and contest, but much of our grant it has already been influenced by the marketplace.

In the next report, as always, we will reflect all of our costs.

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Yeah I know, just want to make sure you guys keep deliver when the funds are received.

When funds are received, it would be better if they were swapped to stable coins first and distributed as needed. As already written in the grant agreement, all risk lies with the grantee. You have to be aware of this.

Keep up the good work!

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Greetings. We always act openly in the distribution of grants. All of our reports attest to that. And we are transparent about all of our results, whatever they are

Thank you for the advice. If you’ve been working for a long time, you know that the market is subject to price changes. And yes, we do our best to make sure that rate differences do not affect community activity and payouts for all. For example, we can allocate a pool for some events by the number of tokens rather than by price. Please keep an eye on our reports to see our work. Have a great day!

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@Alyona thanks for your solid and relevant addition to the report and answers!