[REPORT] Aurora Eastern Europa Guild September 2022

For a variety of reasons, we received payment September 28.

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Aurora Eastern Europe Guild



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  1. Является ли Aurora блокчейном 2-го уровня (Layer 2)

  2. Выборы в совет ДАО и предназначение токена Vote

  3. AMA-сессия Aurora Eastern Europe с командой Bungee

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Telegram News Channel - 69

Progress: 2,98% (+2 posts)

Twitter - 59

Progress: +43,9% (+18 posts)


AMA with Bungee

АМА with B4B World in NEAR chat

Contest for Twitter


120 Aurora — Twitter contest 12 winners
75 Aurora — АМА with Socket(Bungee) 5 winners
2000 Aurora — Crypton Promotion for 1 month
2728 Aurora — Incrypted Promotion for 1 month
311,54 Aurora — bond09.near Payout for TG moderation
311,54 Aurora — red34.near Content and translations
519,23 Aurora — alyonushka.near Payout for TG moderation plus content and translations
2596,1618 Aurora — cronus.near Community management (September)
268,55 Aurora — crazyhome2.near Translator Invoice:: Invoice_2022-09/near - Google Regneark
55 Aurora — liquidus.near Translator Invoice:: Translate Invoice October - Google Regneark
200.63 Aurora — pyos.near Translator Invoice:: Invoice_Maria_9 - Google Regneark


Telegram News Channel - 1131
Progress: +8,24% (+85 posts)

Telegram Chat - 1499
Progress: +9,89% (+135 posts)

Twitter - 757
Progress: -3,94% (-31 posts)


for almost a year i’ve been a secret admirer of every report that Ru-Community Guild posted on Near forum :blush: and now it’s a great benefit for us here to have its team that is able to create the best examples of how to write transparent proposals and reports, and how to build really active community.

the only one that is not enough for my curious mind in your report - is your mental conclusions and learnings - what was a challenge for you, and how these results reflect on your further plans, if you’ve met here unexpected issues or any new experience? :slight_smile:

thanks for your valuable job in growing Aurora Community strong! :pray:

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Thanks for the report.

I will try to assess it from a neutral point of view.

I think Guild need to increase the focus on the AMAs to attract new community members and increase activity members, but a slight delay in payment has also made a difference.

Looking at this report, did it follow the ideal way an idea Aurora regional community report must follow??

Additional work with EE influencers and mentions of Aurora


Moni Talks


ICO Drops



Thank you for the repost and great job.


Plans to improve in the process. :wink:

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