[REPORT] InterLace Contributor Marketplace

  1. Project Name: InterLace

  2. Project overview: InterLace Marketplace allows DAOs to search, connect, and hire through contributors’ profiles and recommend and match DAOs and contributors by project needs.

  3. Website & Twitter: https://www.interlace.community/ @Interlacehq

  4. Project Status: In progress

  5. Highlights: Interlace has partnered with a couple of DAO services that connected us with DAO communities in need of contributors. As a result, We onboarded our first DAO and secured it with three interested contributors, leading to our first DAO<>Contributor match!

  6. Compare results with initial milestones: Initially, we thought it would be much harder to get to our MVP, and we would focus on design. But now, we’ve created a process to onboard DAOs and contributors manually.