[Closed] Degen Army Aurora (DAA)

Hey guys! :slightly_smiling_face:

Many of you remember me as the leader of the Degen Army. Degen Army was a large and efficient team in Near Protocol. During the year of management, we have accumulated experience that allows us to create something amazing in the Aurora Ecosystem.

Based on the analysis of social networks of the Aurora ecosystem, we came to the conclusion that the ecosystem needs a team of highly qualified specialists in creating content, as well as creating buzz around strategically important news.

The Degen Army Aurora team will include only high-quality specialists and real enthusiasts who are ready to work for the benefit of the Aurora ecosystem. We really hope for the Aurora community!

Directions of work: Twitter, YouTube Raids, Reddit, Content Creation (Video, Graphic, infographic, articles, etc).


General skills.
Portfolio, knowledge of the Near/Aurora ecosystem, as well as other cryptocurrencies. Preferably more than one year of studying cryptocurrency projects.

1000+ post karma, 100+ comment karma, account age is at least 6 months.

More than 250 subscribers, account registration date > 6 months, >25.000 impressions/month.

Professional knowledge in YouTube. Deep knowledge of cryptocurrency terms. The ability to analyze bloggers.

Content creation:
Portfolio. In this direction, you can show your creative abilities. Videos, working with graphics, articles and much more. (candidates without a portfolio will not be considered)

Please, if you have accounts that do not fit the criteria, but you have specialized skills in other directions, then we are waiting for your response. Other candidates who are just starting their way into cryptocurrency and do not have a portfolio, accounts (suitable for the minimum requirements) will not be considered.

Potential participants will be invited to the Degen Army Aurora group. Each DAA participant will be assigned an efficiency score (Tier 1,2,3). With the help of this assessment based on factors (KPI’s, creativity, performance) we will be able to identify leaders and outsiders. Outsiders will be excluded from the DAA.


  1. Creating content about the Aurora ecosystem.
  2. Monitoring of social networks and projects of the Aurora ecosystem.
  3. Strict control of KPI’s.
  4. Timely realization of operational tasks.

Methods for evaluating effectiveness:

  1. Aurora+ Referral Program
  2. Manual analysis of statistics
  3. Independent evaluation of each DAA member
  4. Using trackers for example bit.ly
  5. Interaction with regional communities (creation of personal private links)

At the moment, the goal is to hire about 5-10 active members of the DAA community. Please send your answers in the form and if you meet our requirements, we will contact you.

It is in our power to make the Aurora community a strong and monolithic structure! LFG :rocket:

PS: After forming the team, we will prepare a proposal that the consuls will consider. This direction can be launched in test mode. The test month can be paid or not paid, depending on the performance. Keep this in mind when filling out the form.

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This is a great one. Aurora to the world.


Sounds great, Very excited to meet Degen Army!


Excited for this💐


I think this is a great start for all of our active users. :dizzy:
Hmm, well, with my Twitter, I might as well be part of the Degen Army Aurora. :star_struck:


Great initatives, can’t wait for this

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Great Idea AURORA!.

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This is a brilliant one to be fair.

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I’d love to be a part of this! Brilliant!!