Instagram wallet NFT

Hello everyone from marketing and developers.
I’m not a fan of web 2 or Meta.
But we are in a social, economic and technological paradigm shift.
We are in a moment of transition in which the company “Meta” joined the connection of web3 wallets, with the NFT disclosure functionality (which goes beyond art).

Only 06 companies, that do not belong to META, are able to sync on Instagram:

1- Metamask
2- Dapper
3- Coinbase Wallet
4- Rainbow
5- Trust Wallet
6- Phantom

How could the NEAR/Aurora ecosystem be within this synchronization with “META”?
As much as I am not an enthusiast or fan of META, but having the Aurora/NEAR wallet disconnected from Instagram is very harmful to the ecosystem.
I would like to discuss this topic and form a task force to find out the real need and interest in having the Aurora Wallet connected to the Instagram service, in the dissemination of NFTs.
As far as I can collaborate and help with the topic, I am able to dedicate myself to the growth and dissemination of our community.

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